Saturday, December 10, 2011

Lists, lists, lists, I have constant lists. Quiets the noises in my head!

This is the time of year for lists.  I use to make lists that I would just keep in my head.  So guess what happened to those lists.  Like the way of 8-track tapes and Speed Racer, disappeared into the abyss of my memory.  I had a vendor friend, who started making lists 2 hours before we started to tear down on the last day of the quilt shows.  I always thought that was really smart, make a list of things you need to restock or reorder.
Not me, always thought I would remember that.  No, get to the next show and still be out of it. 

So I started writing things down, better now.  Not perfect, still gotta manage to find the lists once I've create them.  Still, at least it's written down somewhere in the universe, that alone makes me feel better, in control.  So, back to my original thought, I'm getting things checked off mine.  Presents are bought, not wrapped yet, but in the house.  Christmas cards are gone, the free turkey from Thanksgiving is in the freezer so we won't starve on Christmas, and the chocolate chips are bought for the baking that starts next week. 
My Rusty Crow Winter Newsletter went out today.  That was a BIG check off my list.  I loved seeing so many familiar names in my address book.  Made me happy all over again to be a quilter. 

So continue with this lists topic, I hope Santa has me on his.

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