Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Today I'm trying to stay focused on things I need to get done this week. Lots of stuff rolling around in my head, not ready to spell it out. So many things I want to get done this year. I'm so happy to be were I am a.nd who I am with, I hope that spills over to other people and parts in my life.

Life with positive thoughts, it's all good

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

First Ever Blog Tuedays

When do you start anything on a Tuesday? I just realize that it's a Tuesday. Does anything really important happen on a Tuesday. You come back from a long weekend, Tuesdays are always work days. Weddings are on Saturdays, TGIF, Diets start on Mondays, Sundays are days of rest, etc. I'm pretty sure a second-born someone decided to throw Tuesdays a bone and make elections on Tuesdays.

Ok, I just Wikipedia-ed my birthday. Yes, you guessed it. May 8th, 1962 was a Tuesday. So I guess I was wrong, I'm really glad Tuesdays are here.

I'm really to be here too. Keeping this short. I have huge goals for this year. I'm going to need all the Tuesdays I can find.

Til later friends, Shawn