Friday, August 10, 2012

Hot Days in August

Summer has finally arrived here in San Diego County.  We have been in the mid-80's all week.  I know many quilters in the mid-west would love weather like that, but we aren't use to the stickiness that comes with it. 

So with every fan turned on, and every piece of paper under something heavy, I've been cranking out customer quilts.  Looking at my show schedule the next few months has me about to say that I won't be taking on any Christmas quilts this year. 

If things work out the way I think, we will be heading to the World Quilt Show Florida IV after Houston.  That means, I won't be coming home to reload, so I have to take enough stock to supply two big shows.  Most of you who have seen my trailer and the mess I made at setting up a booth can attest to how much stuff I bring. 

The thought of having to pack and ready enough for two out-of-state shows is a bit overwhelming but possible. 

I hope all of you are enjoying the summer of 2012.
Use sunscreen. Shawn

Saturday, August 4, 2012

New Website, Long Beach is over, Houston is Looming

Rusty Crow Booth - Before
It has been a week since we were super busy at the Long Beach Quilt Show.  This is my booth before ....So many bins and so little room or so it seems most of the time.  I'm always looking for displays that I can pile more stuff onto.

I moved my stuff into the booth, Wednesday night until they kicked me out.  Then returned to the scene of the crime, Thursday morning at 8:00 am and worked until they opened the doors and let the preview quilters in. 

Thursday afternoon, Alicia came bringing pizza & salad and helped finished setting up for preview night.  
This is the booth after 9 hours of work.

Rusty Crow Booth - After

In the middles of getting the booth prepped, we have boxes and bins everywhere.  I really try not to touch anything a million times before it's in it's place.  The powers to be with the microphone announce that they need the aisle cleared because the have to roll out the carpet.  Then it's a mad dash to get the empty's either stashed away under the tables or out to the trailer that is now parked in Santa Ana at Alicia's house, Oh Yeah!! So instead we are jamming them into my truck.  

Anyway, Preview begins and I don't look up much from my Rag Rug demo-ing until it's time to go.

Long Beach was a great show.  Lots of familiar faces, which was so fun.  I met Lisa Bongean and her husband, Nick from Primitive Gatherings.  Their booth looked great as always and was miles longer than mine.  Someday, I will be a big girl with a big booth.

The new website is up and slowly filling up.  I loaded my show calender into it today.  Which made me look ahead at next year's calender.  There are a couple of big moves that some of the shows are doing, which will knock out some shows for me.   I'm not a franchise yet!!!!!  One show at a time....

So this week, between taking care of Mike's billings, emails, and orders, I have been on the Gammill most of the week.  I have a pile of quilts that have to be done in the next 10 days. 

So thanks to everyone who came and said hi at the big show.  We will definitely be back next year.  Maybe, our booth will be a little bit longer too.......