Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Made in America

I'm glad to see the push to buy Christmas presents Made In America.  Anything to get the country working is a step in the right direction. I know lots of people who are getting quilts made here!!

All the printing for my business I do here, but I do shop prices, I have to admit. The Rag Rug Tool is manufactured up past Los Angeles.  I love the idea of using my local businesses.  In the quilting world, we aren't very good at this.  All the fabric is made somewhere else, books are printed in China.  I would love to see our mills that once clothed the world, busy once again making fabulous bolts of quilting fabric.  Farmers growing cotton, and all the industries that support the farming communities, lots of jobs.  I think this will be my Christmas wish for our industry.  How big a Stocking do you think I need for that one?

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