Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christmas Quilts have piled up at me Feet.

I posted not even a week ago that I finished my Christmas Quilts.  Apparently, I lied.  Since then, I have quilted 4 quilts and have 3 more to go.  Which actually is probably a good thing.  My husband's work truck decided that Christmas time is a great time to get a new transmission thingy.  So $$$$$ zillion dollars later, his truck is running and I'm behind my machine.  Life.  Thank you for the work!!  I'm really very grateful for my quilting customers, thank you, thank you, thank you....

Thursday night, Mike (husband of 25 years) and I are going to Crystal Pier for 2 nights.  For those of you not from San Diego, Crystal Pier has cottages on both sides of the pier.  So you have the sound of water under you the whole time.  We have always wanted to stay there, so we decided to do it during the winter, when the tourists have thinned out.  Pretty sure, Mike will have a pole in the water at some point.  The man lives to fish.  I'll let you know how that goes. 
Then Saturday we are heading up north to a fellow quilter's holiday party. 
So back to Mr. G, I go.  The quilts won't quilt themselves.


  1. Twelve days to go and probably 4-5 quilts....

  2. Enjoy that Beverage!!!Cute picture,Jerry.