Thursday, August 4, 2016

Week 7 of the Harvest Blog Hop

So today is August 5, 2016 and it's my turn to post my block for the 2016 Harvest Blog Hop.......
As you can see by the list below I'm swimming in the deep in with these super talented ladies.  Thank You, Rhonda for letting me play on the Varsity team.

My block is an Apple Basket.  Living in San Diego, we don't really have a fall like the rest of the county.  But what we do have, about 2 hours from my house, is a community called Julian.  It's a mountain town, well as far as San Diego Mountains that is.  But I digress,,,,, anyway.  Brown leaves, Julian, harvest and apples, those are all synonyms of autumn for me.  The one thing that will make me take a 2 hour car trip up the hill to Julian is for the Apple Pie.  So Julian apples are my inspiration for my block.  I hope you enjoy it.

This year, Jan 1, 2016  I became a Valdani distributor.  I'm like a cow in clover.  Nothing makes me happier than walking in that room and seeing all those rows of beautiful colors.  Last market,  Valdani came out with Wool Floss.  The Wool Floss comes in 2 sizes, 8 & 15, there is about 100 colors so far, but I'm sure that number will grow.  I haven't had much of an opportunity to work with it, but I made a point of using it with this block.

I love how it sinks into the wool.  I used size 8's to give it a bit more primitive look.

I used Diamond Textile fabrics as my two backgrounds.  I thought the checks reminded me of a table cloth.
Here is a Picture of my Block called "Apples for Sale"

My process is on the messy side.  I have to hand draw things
out. Get the idea out of my head and onto something that others can see.  Makes me believe it a bit more too, to tell you the truth.  We have 3 different colored apples, I did 3 cross stitch rows across the basket.  I did a simple whip stitch on everything else.

Here was my original sketch:

Not pretty, but like I said, "Got it out of my Head"

Then I start playing (working, working, working, I know I'm lucky) with fabrics and wools.  I have to figure out spacing and colors.

Then if I have done my job right, you may want what I have done.  So then it's on to kit making and making sure all the pieces are there!!!! And that they fit on the wool I'm putting in the kits!!!!

Thank God for Friends and JuJu, because that make the work is so much more fun.  That and listening to "My Favorite Murder" Podcast, if you love true crime, you will love it.  I remember my Great Grandmother and Grandma reading those true crime magazines when I was a kid.  My mother loves to roam around old cemeteries, so it must be in my blood.  My husband is sure I'm plotting the perfect murder. Again I digress....

Ok, ladies here is the link for the free Block.
If you want my kit, fabric and ready to go wool, the price is 11.95 includes shipping.
Also if you want to try the Wool Floss from Valdani.  I have a special kit for the 4 colors that I used. Each 10 yard skien sells for 3.75, but for all 4, I'm pricing it at $12.00 Link to kits here.

I hope you have enjoyed the blog.  I really need to do more of this...I think.  What do you guys think? I'm heading to Grand Rapids, MI for the AQS show next week.  First time there, first time at an AQS show.  Lots of deep water treading for this girl.  Then I hop back into the truck and drive the trailer to Manchester, NH for the World Quilt New England Show.  If you know of any shops I should hit on my way home, I would love to know.  I'm going to take my time, and enjoy my podcasts.  As the girls say on the MFM podcast, "Stay Sexy and Don't get Murdered"
Love you all, Shawn
Here is a complete list so you can follow along each week.

Let's Recap all the Blocks so far in the Harvest Blog Hop

I'm so Lucky!!  I was asked again to be in Farmhouse Thread's Blog Hop this year.  Last year, Rhonda from Farmhouse Threads invited 9 Designers to do a Christmas themed block as a Free Wool Appliquéd block as part of blog Hop.
This year she asked 12 of us to do a Harvest Themed Wool Appliquéd block as part of 2016 Blog Hop.
Mine is tomorrow, but I thought I would do a quick recap of the blocks so far.  If you haven't started it's not too late.  Just start clicking and warm up your printer.
So let's begin:

Week 1, June 17 - Rhonda McCray, Farmhouse Threads

How Cute is that? 
Week 2, June 24 - Jeni Gaston, Woolen Willow Designs

I love this, don't you????

Week 3, July 1 Lisa Bongean, Primitive Gatherings
Love, love, love. Lisa, you always do beautiful work.  

Week 4, July 8 - Joan Grenke, Bits and Pieces by Joan
Chicks, Moons and Stars.  All Favorites!
These ladies make it tough for me to come up with something 
and I still have more 3 more to show you.......

Week 5, July 15 - Joyce Weeks, Geoff's Mom Pattern Co.
Can anyone else smell the smoke from the chimneys? 

Week 6, July 22 - Kathi and Taylor, The Cottage at Cardiff Farms
So Sweet, Kathi I love it. 

Week 7 July 29 - Kathy Campbell, Heart to Hand

I love Crows as all of you know.  And this guy has got one. Great Job, Kathy

So that if the Blog Hop so far.  I will be posting mine tomorrow.  
I hope you have enjoyed the recap.  I'm glad I didn't see any of them before I made mine.