Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Getting back into the Groove of Things After Santa

I have a customer quilt on my Gammill that has been there for 3 days.  I don't like quilts to be on my machine for 3 days.  I have to finish it tomorrow or it's going to get ugly around here.  I'm not really a custom-type quilter.  I really appreciate what those ladies/gents that do, I'm just not one of them.     This picture is of a block in my "Scrappy Nest #2" Pattern, made with Moda's "Cattails & Clover" fabric line by Kansas Troubles.

I love to stipple, I love the look it gives a quilt.  The quilts that I have made in my Rusty Crow  Patterns are always stippled.  I want anyone who looks at my quilts to know they can do that too.  The last thing I want is someone to look at my patterns and say, "I could never get it to look like that."  My quilts will never hang in a museum, but I hope that they keep my family and friends warm and happy for years to come. 

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