Monday, May 30, 2016

Back from Spring Market....."Yeah, I'm with Checker"

Spring Market was in Salt Lake City, Utah this year.  I haven't been to a Spring Market since my very first Market and it was in Salt Lake as well.  My thinking was spring must be smaller than Houston, let me make all my mistakes at a smaller market, before I drag my stuff to Texas and get spanked.

Kelly and I had a great time.  Market was crazy good for Rusty Crow.  We are Valdani's Newest Distributor.  We are going to service all the smaller shops and designers, who maybe don't need 12 balls of one color.  We are happy to split boxes and give your 12 colors a box if thats all you need.

We also go picked up by Checker, a major distributor in the Quilt world.  I have been trying to get them to pick me up for the last 7 years.  This time it wasn't even a blimp on my radar, a girl can only take so much rejection.  So the second day of Market, about 5 minutes before Kelly and I are about to wrap it up the the day, a Checker buyer shows up and says, "We would like to carry your stuff."

I was a bit stunned.  I'm sure she thought she had walked onto the islands of the Muted Quilter.  I just looked at her and mumbled, "Sure."  Then put my head down and bursted into tears.  After trying so many years, and then have the Magical Unicorn walk into your booth and utter those transforming words was a shock, a awesome shock, but still a huge surprise.

So today, I'm pulling all the info together that they need to carry my stuff.  Yeah, let me pull up my big girl panties.  Holy Crap, I'm with Checker.  You don't know how long, I've been wanting to say those Words.  I'm with Checker, I'm with Checker, I'm with Checker

And so grateful, as well.
Thank the Quilting Gods.