Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Sewing & Stitchery Expo, Puyallup, WA

I gotta say, I love coming up to Washington for this quilt show.  I have very dear friends who live in Olympia, WA and I get to bunk with them and catch up with our lives.

The show is not a typical quilt show, actually there are no quilts hanging at all, except in the booths of the vendors.

There are garment makers, yarn and thread vendors, lots of things I don't always see at a regular quilt show.

They also have the Fisher Scones.  Those alone are worth the drive to the Northwest.
They are baked every morning, warm and yummy and filled with butter and Raspberry Jam

I saw lots of old friends and made some new ones.  Like most vendors, we spend a lot of time and money getting our booths loaded with treasures for everyone to enjoy.

The Sewing Expo this year was the worst case of shoplifting that I have ever experienced as a vendor.  Almost every vendor I know lost something.   The first day, my husband, Mike watched a lady look around and take 2 Half yard packages of fabric.  She was 2 booths away when, he stepped in front of her and pulled our fabric from her hands.  Wide-eyed, she start babbling about, "I'll pay double, I'll pay double"  He told her just to stay out of our booth.  I was shocked, I know it happens but I want to believe the best in people. 
By day 2, one booth had lost 3 quilts and a small table topper, another had lost a sample bag that was zip-tied to her grid, a roll of batting, 2 scarfs and who knows what else were all stolen from various vendors.  
Then Karma came to town.  We may not have gotten all of them, but they did catch two of them.  It was a Mother-Daughter team on scooters.  The mother dumped a drink on a table in a booth to cause a distraction and the daughter went to work filling up with goodies.  The cops came and arrested them.  The next day, they brought the stolen goods back to find out the retail value and return them to their owners. 
Here is what thieves look like.  
Ma Thief is in Purple and Daughter Thief is in Red
They don't look too happy do they?  Well, that's ok, because neither were we when you steal from us.
Right in the Center is one of my Pink Cell Phone Purses they had stolen.
Look at all that loot!!! Do they realize how much time and money goes into creating those quilts?
Happy Vendors getting their stuff back

The Police taking reports. 
I heard that there was enough recovered, that the Scooter Bandits were being charged with Grand Larceny.  The last day of the show, there was visible Security walking around the show.  Too late for many, but still nice to see.  I hope next year, the Security will be there front and center.  I guess, just because you have gray hair doesn't make you honest.  A young thief will grow into an old thief.
If you are ever at a show, and see something. Say something.  

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  1. such a sad comment on our society. I'm sorry you had/have to go through that. It takes courage to be a vendor and I'm grateful for people that find it and are rewarded instead with honest shoppers.

  2. Wow Shawn!! That really stinks!

  3. I am always appalled to hear about quilt shows...and shops having thieves...but do know it happens...happened to our quilt store...many samples taken and who knows what else. One sample stolen was found at a local thrift shop. Do they just do it to see what they can get away with?? So glad that these thieves were caught and hope they get punished to the greatest extent of law. Hope it was still a good show for you.
    The blog hop sounds fun. Will collect the patterns and sew when??? Way too many projects going.

  4. Now I know why everyone was on high alert. So sad. Glad you got your stuff back!

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