Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday after a Quilt Sho

Mondays after a quilt show are always a day of running into things. Things I need to do, things I have forgot to do, things I want to avoid. So I do the things that have to get done, the ones that affect others and keep me out of the doghouse.

Mondays should be a day off after a quilt show. Shows are hard. I love them, but they are hard. People either love your stuff or go screaming by your booth with blinders on. Not a lot of middle ground. It would help if I didn't feel like I need to bring everything I own, but I like the way the booth looks after 6 hours of set-up.......

When I get home from a show, my truck always stays packed until Wednesday or so, I grab things out as I need them, like a big mobile closet. Pillow and toothbrush first, next day maybe my show notebook, my dirty clothes the day before I leave again.

However, today, I have to unpack the whole thing, Mike says we need to make a Costco run. No one wants celery or half a bag of frozen pot stickers for breakfast, and the hot dog buns don't fit in the toaster. But I'm buying a couple of pizzas, no cooking for me tonight.

Happy days to all of you, Shawn

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