Tuesday, April 27, 2010

First Ever Blog Tuedays

When do you start anything on a Tuesday? I just realize that it's a Tuesday. Does anything really important happen on a Tuesday. You come back from a long weekend, Tuesdays are always work days. Weddings are on Saturdays, TGIF, Diets start on Mondays, Sundays are days of rest, etc. I'm pretty sure a second-born someone decided to throw Tuesdays a bone and make elections on Tuesdays.

Ok, I just Wikipedia-ed my birthday. Yes, you guessed it. May 8th, 1962 was a Tuesday. So I guess I was wrong, I'm really glad Tuesdays are here.

I'm really to be here too. Keeping this short. I have huge goals for this year. I'm going to need all the Tuesdays I can find.

Til later friends, Shawn

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